Online Quilt Classes

Barbara teaches here original quilt patterns from her home in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  Check out the patterns below.

Modern Star Quilt 52" x 58"
Take the cue from modern quilters and make this off-center star for some superstar in your life. This star keeps your visual interest with a twirling pattern. The circular quilting keeps your eyes moving.  Click HERE to learn a little more about the class.

Lady Rose 88" x 88" 
The center star is a 60" x 60" but also can be made into a queen size quilt 88" x 88". The new technique which is featured in this quilt is the split diamond which is featured in my new book "Diamond Star Quilts". Learn how to cut diamonds, make split diamonds, how to create an echo star, and how a cactus looking star and border are created. Click HERE to learn a little more about the class. 

Diamond Chain Star  41" x 41"
Discover how fast and easy it is to create this beautiful diamond chain star quilt. Learn how strip cutting diamond sets is fast and fun, and how easy it is to make large star points which are behind the diamond chain star. And an added bonus is there are no setting seams.  Click HERE to learn more about the class.


  1. So very beautiful! I’m in love with Lady Rose. I love your work! I’m working on the Diamond Star!

  2. Would this on line class be good for someone that practically knows nothing about quilting but wants to? Or should I start with someone one on one?

  3. Hi! Love your new book, I’ve made 2 echo stars and 2 star sampler. But need help with block 2 of the star sampler. I even bought the class on Quilting daily to try to figure this out. I’ve made this block twice and both times it is 10”
    unfinished and then 9 1/2 in the quilt. I watched really close (on the online video) and I am using 1 3/4 strips, which makes a strip set 3”, which works for the 2 1/2” template. Please help ☹️

  4. I just saw this comment. The template should be the 2 1/2" diamond A pattern on page 94. This will make a 10" finished block.