Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Winter Fun

Ice skating on the river beside the home where I grew up.

Doughnuts, coffee and hot chocolate were served to those who enjoyed the Sunday afternoon of skating.

My brother Oren Jr. took me on an air plane ride in the airplane he built.

After our airplane rides we were served
 cinnamon rolls by Oren Jr's wife Cheryl.

The grandchildren over Christmas enjoying their cousins.

The children playing games over Christmas.

My Canadian grandchildren enjoying there stuffed toys.

Rebecca came and spent the day with me making doughnuts.

Autumn and Adeline came and spent a weekend with us.

Since the two girls came home we went to Cracker Barrel
 with the mommy's and the little ones.

Granddad roasting marshmallows with Rowen and Leo.

In November Terry and I went to India.  This is at an orphanage.

This is at one of the church services

Life as a Quilter
This winter I finished quilting Great Aunt Mary's Quilt.