Saturday, March 2, 2013

Enjoying Life

Niece Sheri came home to Virginia from Nevada for a week.  One evening the Cline family and the Helmuth family got together for supper and the evening.
 Sheri and Caleb

 Reminiscing about when they were young.
Hope, Joshua and Christian

Laughing at old pictures.
 Nadia, Melissa, Hannah, Rebecca and Hope.

"Ryan, don't you believe me?"
 Ryan, Mike and Benjamin.

Sheila whispering sweet nothings to Sanford.

"Yankee Doodle" a quilt I just finished and shipped off to McCalls magazine.

Class at Patchwork Plus I taught.
Pauline's Kalidascope Quilt.

Barbara made two quilts, one with a white background....

and one with a black background.  Barbara changed the strip width to a bigger size.

Joyce used a different color for her setting triangles.

 Deanne Quill gives a trunk show at Patchwork Plus.
Deanna and Phyllis

 It is always fun to visit with another quilt teacher.

 Sewing Day at Oren (my brother) and Cheryl's.
 Mother, Preston, Cheryl, Oren Jr. and Emily

Mother carefully trimming.

 Cheryl making a dress.

Emily working with flannels.

What is this contraption?

A gear shifter that is hooked up to Preston's computer game.   Alex his brother made it for him using a joy stick.

Finishing up the quilting on "Star Chain" table runner.