Tuesday, January 29, 2013

 Another day of basket making this time it was with my Mother-in-law and sister-in-laws.
Pam, Mom, Brenda Sandra and myself

As you can see we are very pleased with our baskets.  We each shaped them a little differently. Some of them
 are oval and some of them are rectangle.

 Jerica loves our apple butter. On a Grand flaky biscuit she made
 five layers with apple butter in between each layer. 

 Terry and I drove to Delaware to celebrate Mark and Polly's 35th wedding anniversary.  We stopped at the Smithsonian on the way and saw an IMAX movie and purchased a few rocks 
at the Rock and Gem shop for Terry's collection.
Terry was tickled with his purchases.
The slice of rock in the back is one of the newly purchased treasures.

The big orange rock is another one.

Happy Anniversary Mark and Polly. 

 Their children planed a progressive rook party. 

 The younger gang played their own rook game.

The next morning we had a relaxing time at the breakfast table.
 We sat and socialized over coffee before we left for home.  We had so much fun!  Thanks for a wonderful time Mark and Polly.
 (Terry took the picture):)

 On the way home from Delaware we stopped at the Air and Space Museum.
 While there we saw two IMAX movies.

Terry and I took a quick trip to Roanoke to see our friends Ravi, Vannah and Niten. 

 Sunday we had spur of the moment company for lunch.  Justice, one of my nephews (on the far left) and his friends from Georgia came to Virginia to go snow boarding for a day.

 I am starting to collect my items for the sewing retreat with my mother,
 sisters and nieces.  Yippee!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Quilt Classes

I will be teaching two of my three new patterns at Patchwork Plus in the next months.  Go to Patchwork Plus for more details.

Pinwheel Pizzazz

Other class I will be teaching this quarter at Patchwork Plus:
Pictorial Shadow Play
Lily's Garden
Kaleidoscope Strips 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas Activities

Weaving 9" x 13" baskets.  We missed having Autumn with us.

Our great photographer.
Rebecca showing Melissa how the stakes are to be bent.

 It was so good to have Parla, Dave and Brighton here for 2 weeks.  
The time just went by way to quickly.

We all loved being entertained by Brighton.

Two lobsters were  the most sought after gift in the
grand-children's gift exchange.

I was so pleased when it snowed on the 26th.  This was the day our children spent the day at home for our Christmas.  I saw these snowmen on Pinterest and thought this was a festive way to set our table.

 Rebecca, Parla, Brighton and I
 went to Delaware to be with my sister Polly and her family for two days.  Thanks Polly for a wonderful time.  I forgot to take pictures. :(
Mummsy with little B.  I had so much fun being Grandma for two weeks.
 Getting started on a new quilt project is always fun.  I need to make 40 stars.

 The smallest star is 2".  It was very tedious to piece. 
 At least I only need to make 8 of the 2" size.