Monday, January 30, 2012

Wedding Bells, Brighton, and the Sewing Retreat

This past week was filled with wedding preparations for Benjamin and Melissa's wedding.
Making cotton candy balls for the tables at the reception.

Ella altering bridesmaids dresses.

Mother and I preparing gourmet potatoes.

 Rehersal supper.

The wedding day.
Our children at the church before the wedding began:

The happy newlyweds.

My oldest daughter and her husband came down for the wedding and brought along their new little bundle :) Little Brighton Noel has been passed from person to person the whole time she has been here.

 Aunt Autumun with Brighton.

 Great Grandma Cline holding Brighton for the first time.

Uncle Christian doesn't quite know what to do with her :)

eating leftover wedding food on Sunday

Family and friends.

The young'ns.

Polly making a wedding quilt for these two love birds.

 Mother has already finished a rag quilt.

Parla teaching Grandmother how to follow crochet directions.

 To see more of the wedding and sewing retreat go to:  Life as a Quilter 

Monday, January 16, 2012

We sure enjoy life.

 Monday evening after supper the young-uns played a board game, called Ticket to Ride.

Melissa making wedding plans with her Mom.

 Ben and Melissa's wedding is in two weeks.  The church had a bridal shower for Melissa and Bridget.

 We always enjoy the food at a shower.

Half the crowd.

Thursday I was in Centreville, Va. where I taught "Star Tricks".  Linda had a great start on her quilt.

Kathy was well on her way as well.

In the evening I had a lecture call "Designing Inside a Lone Star"  In this lecture I also talked about some quilting techniques, as well as some quilts in my book "Simply Triangles".

 Terri took the "Cactus Star" class at a quilt show over a year ago and brought back her finished quilt for me to see.  She did a terrific job.

 Can you see the triangle?

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

My week in Red Lake, Canada

Dave and Parla have been having so much fun with Brighton.  It has been such a blessing being here and seeing this little family flourish.


Brighton ready for an excursion.

Mommy giving a bath.

Daddy and Brighton napping.

Tuesday Parla and I went out to buy fabric for a baby quilt.  We both designed the quilt.  Here are the fabrics we picked together.

3 1/2 " squares of all the fabrics.

Fabric pieced letters for the name.

Name, blocks and borders added then positioning and pinning the applique into position.

Ready to be ironed.

Machine appliqueing

Knotting and finishing up on Thursday.

Grandma and Brighton.

Parla, Brighton, and I went on an afternoon drive.  Leaving land and entering  the ice road. A new experience for me.

We stopped by the house Dave and Parla bought to see how Dave was getting along.

This week Dave knocked out the wall between the living room and kitchen and added a new back door. He also rebuilt the stairway and began framing up 2 closets.

I enjoyed the newly installed addition which was definitely needed for this northern country.

I leave tonight  to fly home.  What a wonderful time I have had with Dave, Parla and Brighton!  Can't wait to see them in two weeks over Benjamin's and Melissa's  wedding. 

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Proud Grandma

Thursday we got the long awaited call from Parla and Dave saying little Brighton Noel was born.  I am a grandma now!  Sunday I flew up here to Canada to see this precious little one.

Taking our afternoon nap together.

Brighton is all strapped in and bundled up for her first car ride.

One day this past week I hosted a brunch for the senior ladies from our church along with some young gals to bring them.

Patchwork Plus's Christmas meal.

The rest of the crew.

Ken surprised Phyllis with a quilt he pieced and quilted for Christmas.  When you come to Patchwork Plus and want some advice on how to make a quilt.  Ask this experienced quilter.

Rebecca pulled out her quilt again and worked on it a few days over Christmas break.

Pinning and sewing with her new Bernina.

Rebecca prepared and served Sandford and Sheila's Christmas banquet for their businesses--35 people.  

Autumn getting a surprise fun box together for her friends in college.  She is really the life of the party.

This past week while I was at Mother's, she worked on a quilt for sewing circle.

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There will be more pics later of the proud Mom and Dad :) for now, here is the precious little one...all bright eyed and bushy-tailed.

Today we go to the hospital to get baby pricked for some testing;  then we are going to a fabric store to pick out fabrics for a baby quilt.  Parla and I designed the quilt yesterday and we will make it while I am here.