Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wedding Preparation For Autumn and Laban

I decided to start this blog with Autumn's bridal shower. The party is going on behind us.  She was so blessed with many gifts.

Here is a peek inside of each day before the wedding.
Sunday we spray painted a heart mobile for some decorations.

Monday we made peach smoothies and also put a bushel of peaches in the freezer...

Melissa also helped with the smoothies.

 Mother came and helped us work green beans...

 and Autumn worked on tomatoes while I packed
 jars and kept the canner  going. 

Someone needs a break. 

Wednesday was the day Terry and Autumn grilled chicken.

Terry, Autumn and I chopped up the chicken for the burritos.

Wednesday evening all the children were home so we had a picnic along the river. You can see the excitement on these two love birds faces anticipating getting married.

Roasting marshmallows.

At the picnic I kept busy with grandchildren.

 Jack Boone and Rowen Milan

Thursday we set up the church.
(Sorry I forgot to take pictures)

 Friday Autumn and Roxanne picked flowers for the wedding. We also had a big crew at the church cutting and dicing food.

Autumn and I sure had a fun week getting ready for the wedding. 
Thanks to everyone who helped.

Wedding Day
 Autumn and Rowen just before the wedding.

 Mr and Mrs. Laban Sensenig.

 I sure enjoyed helping with Asher and Brighton.  Their stay in Virginia was just way too short.

 Toddle-do! Sister Rebecca giving her good bye.