Sunday, August 19, 2018

Travels and reunions

This was such a fun spur of the moment meeting.  My
 two girls were home for the weekend so we planned a
 trip to Costco.  Grammy and Brenda met us there and we 
ate lunch together.  Fun, fun, fun! 
These grand-babies just warm my heart.

While Laban and Autumn were home we went out for
 supper with Granddaddy and Grammy.

has been a privilege for me the last 3 summers.

Here are a few pictures from a family get-together.

First cousins catching up.

After a swim it is time to get the tangles out and comb hair.  Both these Moms said they enjoy combing their girls hair.

Mother with some of her girls.

The younger cousins did some skits for us older folks.  
Goldilocks and the Three Bears

This is the view my mother has out her window.  
Notice the water boarding going on in the river.  

Alaska Quilt Cruise
Terry and I had a wonderful time on our cruse. 
This is the Under the Sea class I taught on the Alaska Cruise. 
 I taught 3 different class.

 At Victoria, Canada we visited the Victoria Butterfly Gardens.  There were colorful birds also in the garden.

Before we flew home we spent the day in Seattle walking around.  We took a ride on the Great Wheel.

Back home and quilting again.  The peaches in the background need to be worked but I would rather quilt.

 Some free motion quilting.

Keep posted for a new pattern is in the making.

Caribbean Delight