Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hilton Head Sewing Retreat

My Mother, sisters and nieces are at Hilton Head for a week of sewing. We sew, laugh, cry, share and have oodles of fun.

 We have been taking daily walks and enjoying the beach.

 Rebecca (my daughter) spent a long weekend with us.  
I sure missed having my other two girls here.

 Already making mistakes.

I will post more after I get home, because I don't have time to blog.  I need to get to my sewing.
To see more about our time go to:


  1. wish i could be there! looks cozy and fun :)

  2. Oh my, Barbara! What fun you all are having! I loved the post your sister wrote - what a great project! I love unexpected things like that! I know you're having a grand time with all your relatives...but we'll miss you on Saturday!

  3. Hi Barbara, I am not familiar with updating blogs...I just purchased your "Simply Triangles". I'm reading directions on the Star Shuffle, I'm not familiar with thus black nylon netting... I understand it's for shading but I don't understand how this used nor are there instructions covering how to sew/attach the netting... can you elaborate? Thanks, Suzzi